Re: Mast cell controls and CNS

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From:Geoff McAuliffe <mcauliff@UMDNJ.EDU>
Date:Thu, 08 Apr 1999 11:44:37 -0400
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Tim Morken wrote:

> Mast cells are found primarily in the connective tissue of the skin
> and mucous membranes. They are also found in the thymus and the
> capsules of most organs. Look around small blood vessels. There are
> none in the CNS.

    I beg to differ. Try Silver et al., 1996, Trends in
Neuroscience19:25-31; "Mast cells in the brain: evidence and functional
    Also, there are mast cells in the meninges. Dimlich et al. 1991, J.
Neurocytology 485-503,  "Linear arrays of homogenous mast cells in the
dura mater of the rat".

The other comments are right on.

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