Re: Histology as a science or an art.?

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Date:Thu, 15 Apr 1999 09:16:41 GMT0BST
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Really want to let sleeping, cut that, roused dogs lie!

Cannot resist two additional comments, though; both related to 
"skills" you are born with, e.g. ability to draw, sing.  I will add 
mathematics to that!  OK, I know, that's a science.  Secondly, there 
are definitely skills you can be born WITHOUT!  Me? I am completely 
and utterly tone-deaf.  Some cannot even start to draw.  etc etc.

(question: Is the ability to spell science or art?)

But most importantly "What about that Barry Rittman and his comments 
on rugby?"  Talk about derogatory!!  Rugger, I will have you know 
occupies the special sub-human are of activity that we call WAR!!  

Except that  after knocking  six-bells out of each other, we do get 
together in a bar and discuss the finer points of the joint artistic 
endeavour we have recently enjoyed.  (Don't tell the English, but 
when we play them it is really war)

Back to more serious matters, is war, combat, fighting, artistic 
endeavour, scientific endeavour or just subhuman?

Thought I would like to leave you with that one.
Russ Allison, Wales

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