Re: Help, need release form for tissues

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Date:Fri, 09 Apr 1999 10:29:00 -0500 (EST)

      We have had similar requests at our hospital.  Our Risk Management 
     department advised us to tell the patient that we can only release the 
     body part to him/her through a funeral director. Every time this has 
     led to withdrawal of the request.  We were told that we could not 
     release body parts to the general public because of the possible 
     health hazards associated with the formalin,etc.  The only release 
     form we have is one we use for foreign body releases.  Good luck...and 
     have a great day :)
     Vicki Gauch, HTL
     Albany Medical Center

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Subject: Help, need release form for tissues
Author:  Donna Carr <> at Internet-Mail
Date:    4/8/99 12:52 PM

We have a situation in which a patient wants their finger.  But do not 
have a release for such occurrences.  We return gallstones but they are 
rinsed and have no fixative on them. The finger has been in fixative and 
would be released with fixative. Could any of you please fax or email me 
a copy of a release suitable for this situation. (please ASAP)
It would be greatly appreciated.   Donna 
fax  316-272-2258           Thanks again

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