Re: Fisher Histomatic 172

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From:"Karen D. Larison" <>,
Date:Thu, 15 Apr 1999 11:49:20 -0800

Date:          Sun, 28 Mar 99 00:27:50 PST
From:          "bbracing" <>
Subject:       Fisher Histomatic 172
To:            "Histonet" <>

Hello all
We are looking for a used (working or not)  Fisher Histomatic Slide Stainer 
(Model 172) for parts.  If any one has one, or knows of one that might be 
available  for a reasonable price would you plea
e e-mail me at  Many thanks.
re: science verse art,   My two cents worth,  Histology is pure science, 
(Chemistry and Physics) and the better one understands the physics and 
chemistry of what one is doing in this science, the be
ter the histotech you become.  But, some of those slides,  sure are pretty.
Kerry Beebe
Kelowna Gen Hospital
B.C. Canada

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