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From:"R.Wadley" <>
Date:Wed, 07 Apr 1999 09:42:26 +1000
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	Dear Freida,

	The first thing I was taught about disposable blades was that they must be
cleaned before use.  Cleaning is not an elaborate procedure, a simple dip
in a 100 ml specimen container of absolute ethanol, & a careful wipe with
an ordinary facial tissue.  In the last lab I ran I used Sturkey polymer
coated low profile blades, they come with an instruction to rinse in
ethanol before use.

	Why? in every case a cleaned blade will cut thinner, smoother, cleaner
sections than one that has been used without cleaning. 

	The only exception to this rule is the blades I used in my cryostat, there
I used Sturkey gold coated high profile blades straight from the box.  They
cut beautifully from ~3 - 60 um everthing from gels to bone & sections of
entire mice.

	Hope this helps.


	Rob W.

At 12:57 PM 4/6/99 -0400, you wrote:
>I am very curious as to how many of you clean your disposable blades before 
>use.  If you do clean, what do you use?

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