Re: CSF Cytology Preps

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From:Jeff Silverman <>
To:Terri Braud <>,
Date:Mon, 05 Apr 1999 18:55:52 -0400
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Consider the Diff Quick for CSF. We do cytospins on neat (6-8 drops) or
concentrated (3 drops) CSF tubes or get airdried cytospins from hematology.
Most of the cells in a CSF will be hematopoietic. Without any cell loss or
chemical manipulation,you can more easily differentiate lymphocytes,
including neoplastic ones, leukemic cells and inflammatory poly's,
meningothelial cells or the very rare metastatic or CNS tumor cells. Also,
cryptococcus . We don't ever use Pap on CSF. 

Jeff Silverman
Southampton Hospital 

> From: Terri Braud <>
> To:
> Subject: CSF Cytology Preps
> Date: Monday, April 05, 1999 6:38 PM
> I have never liked the results of a Saccomanno's fixed CSF prep. It
> further dilutes what is usually a very dilute specimen anyway. I feel
> that a cytospin should be done from the neat specimen if possible, and
> always as a stat. We do use the hematology cell count to aid in
> dilution/concentration decisions. Left over (or held over) specimens will
> maintain their morphology quite nicely for up to 24hrs at 4'C.  Also, we
> add one drop (100 microliters) of 22% bovine serum albumin (coats and
> protects cells from excessive drying, aids in blocking for immunos) to
> the Cytospin sample chamber after loading the CSF.  Spin at 1200 rpm
> with LOW acceleration for 5min then fix immediately in 95%ETOH for
> 10min before pap stain or 20min before immunos.  
> Since saccomanno's coagulates proteins, it can mucky up cell surface
> antigen markers that you may want to perform. Example: Kappa and
> Lambda on a CSF demonstrating a lymphoma. By using the neat
> specimen, we avoided labeling all the Kappa and Lambda present in the
> fluid and labeled crisp, clear stain on the cell surface only. Not
> coagulated lumps of protein that would have lit up in a saccommano's
> prep. 
> Just my 2 cents.
> Terri Braud, Hist. Supv.
> St Frances Cabrini Hospital
> Alexandria, LA

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