Re: Air Monitoring Company

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From:Charlotte Kopczynski <>
To:Mequita Praet <>,
Date:Wed, 07 Apr 1999 09:47:02 -0400
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we use KNIndustrial Hygienists which are in Tampa but I understand they do
monitoring in other area in Florida.  I recently did a CAP inspection in
Tallahassee and the lab there used KNI also.  phone #  813-229-6666  fax #
813-229-8491   address-  3209 Tampa St.   Tampa, Florida  33603   their
reports are very nice.  they come in with a gas monitor and monitor for STEL
levels.  they provide us with 8 hour badges.  their report even has floor
plans and photos of the lab.  very good presentation.

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