RE: Cutting Tracheas

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From:"Kellar, Eric" <kellarec@MSX.UPMC.EDU>, "'Chu, Shirley'" <>
Date:Fri, 02 Apr 1999 12:49:17 -0500
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I attain better cryotomy sectioning of trachea in OCT at  6um when the
cryostat temperature is lowered to between -25 to -30 degree C.

Eric C. Kellar
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

	From:  Chu, Shirley []
	Sent:  Friday, April 02, 1999 11:59 AM
	Subject:  Cutting Tracheas

	I have a colleague that is sectioning OCT embbeded rat tracheas with
	arteries attached.  She is having trouble cutting them at around
6-8um in
	thickness.  Are there any recommedations or helpful suggestions as
to how to
	handle sectioning this tissue--temperature, etc?  The tissues were
	down in isopentane cooled on liquid nitrogen and she is cutting them
on a
	Leica cryostat.
	Shirley Chu
	Valentis Corp
	Burlingame CA

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