Important Info about Block Storage

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From:"R. Weir" <>
To:"" <>
Date:Wed, 14 Apr 1999 00:11:55 -0500
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I am the one who is trying to dispose of the histology block storage
cabinets. I misled many of you by stating 'free'. However as I have come
to realize it will take quite a few boxes and a great deal of time to
get this done. Not to mention the pathologists of the group would like
to try and recover some costs. Therefore I am retracting my initial
statement of free and changing that to best offer plus shipping. This is
also due to the large number of responses I received. There are probably
30-40 file cabinets. I would like to send to someone having a an
airbill. Due to the weight and bulkiness UPS would be best. I am located
in Tyler TX(this should help estimate shipping cost). Those of you still
interested please e-mail me privately in order to limit postings on the
histonet mailing list. I don't want to start an auction at the expense
of others.


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