Evans Blue

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From:"Masayuki Miyagishima, MD" <mmiyagis+@pitt.edu>
Date:Mon, 05 Apr 1999 22:06:26 -0500
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I am using Evans Blue to show the denudated area in mice carotid injury
model.  Does this dye later bother any IHC protocol?  This Blue dye
attachs to the intraluminal surface of the artery where endothelial cell
is lacking.  I am planning to inject this dye 15 min. before animal is
killed, but wonder if this dye has any effect on other IHC that will be
performed later.

Is this dye stable?

Masayuki Miyagishima, MD
University of Pittsburgh, 
Department of Surgery
412-647-2345, and ask the hospital operator to page 3228, please.

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