Cytoprep of CSF--thanks for response

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Date:Tue, 13 Apr 1999 21:58:39 EDT
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Dear Histonetters:

Thanks for the many responses to my question about CSF cytology 
preparation....It is nice to know that I can turn to the Histonet for help.  
It reminds me that Histotechs are really a close-knit society....whether 
you're in Australia or "lil ole Mississippi"!

P.S.  We have changed our procedure to 1000 rpms for 5 minutes, with fresh 
(no additives) CSF--8 drops per cytofunnel, immediate 95% ETOH fixation.  
Looks good! Thanks again!

By the way, HAPPY NATIONAL MEDICAL LAB WEEK  to everyone!  :)

Debra Flynn
River Oaks Hospital
Jackson, MS

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