Applied Immunohistochemistry and Molecular Morphology

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From:Jeff Silverman <>
Date:Sat, 03 Apr 1999 19:51:24 -0500
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The above- captioned newly merged journal is sponsosred by two very
worthwhile societies. The Society for Applied Immunohistochemistry P.O. Box
132 Dedham, MA 02027 has dues of $40US and holds three quarterly meetings
at Memorial Hospital in NYC. These are dinner meetings geared to case
reports and interlaboratory comparitive analyses of unknown diagnostic
cases as well as timely IHC topics in medical biology and some technical
subjects. Dr. Clive Taylor will speak in April and is coeditor of the new
journal. Applied Immunohistochemistry published primarily clinically
oriented articles with review articles on particular antibodies, various
diagnostic uses of antibodies and panels, and technical subjects in
diagnostic surgical pathology. The fall meeting ($30-50 registration)
usually is a day-long affair, last year on QC and reproducability, the year
before on prognostic
markers for breast and prostate ca. The fall meeting this year will be a
collaboration with NSH at the annual meeting at Providence RI in the form
of a morning platform session with many interesting topics (Her2neu,
Tyramide, antigen preservation in stored cut sections, and case study
comparisons among community and dedicated IHC labs). A must for anyone
interested in diagnostic IHC. 

The International Society for Analytical and Molecular Morphology
(  has a broader scope and its erstwhile journal Cell Vision
had won Medline listing. Dr. Jiang Gu is the founding editor of Cell Vision
and the coeditor for the new journal Cell Vision subjects included uses of 
IHC, in
situ PCR and RT PCR, FISH, confocal laser scanning microscopy,
immunoelectron microscopy, telepathology, and other cutting edge
technologies. Cell Vision published beautiful articles on research
applications involving molecular methods, use of telepathology,  as well as
some clinical case reports and their diverse meeting proceedings and
abstracts. The meetings are held in Montreal, Jacksonville FLA, Salzburg
Austria, Santa Fe NM and the membership and faculties are as diverse as the
meeting locales. The one or two annual meetings are three day symposia at
the hotel with poster sessions and great plenary lectures and courses on
molecular biology for beginners followed by a two or three days of
workshops (microwave histology, in situ PCR, immunoEM, in situ
hybridization ) given in the laboratories of the hosting university.  Dues
are $100 per year and meeting registrations are $250 for symposia and
$300-400 for workshops. Dues used to include subscription to Cell Vision.
If anyone is interested in membership, contact me direct because I would
like to sponsor your membership for a membership drive  :>) 
Even if you can't attend most of the meetings, if the combined dues ($140)
includes a subscription to the new journal, that is money well spent. 
Jeff Silverman

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