Re: [Histonet] Looking for detailed protocol to stain for PAS in liver sections (paraffin)

From:Rene J Buesa

  PAS is an old and well known HC technique and you can find it in any histotechniques book, just follow it.
  The Schiff's reagent can either be bought or made but if you decide to make it yourself you should be aware that it is somewhat tricky, so my advise would be to buy it made (and keep it in the refrigerator).
  If you are using an already made and perhaps old solution, perhaps it did not work because it was inactive. Try it with formalin: add a few drops of the Schiff's reagent to formalin and it should instantly develop a dark magenta color and if it does not, your key reagent is bad and this could be the cause of the failure you experimented.
  René J.

Igor Nasonkin  wrote:
  Hi everybody,

I am looking for a detailed protocol for PAS staining in liver sections
(paraffin-embedded). The 1st set of sections did not work, and we had no
+control since we have not done it. These are 4-6wk mouse liver sections
embedded in paraffin; our lab is experienced in IHC on paraffin sections so
these were done right. But PAS staining did not work. What could be main
reasons? Any positive control we could use? Thank you in advance,

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