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Sounds like a tape transfer system like the Instrumedics now from McCormick
is what you need.  The tape on the block will keep the section together and
then you roll the tape out on a polymer coated slide, expose the slide to UV
and it polymerizes the section from the tape to the slide so that you can
then remove the tape.  You might have trouble getting the tape off and
leaving all the section behind because the gritty sand may not lay
completely flat but this is probably your best bet.  Another possibility I
thought of was trying to use a vibrotome to section this but the sections
are 30+ microns thick????

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Hi all!
I am trying to section ingesta containing sand, but battle to get a
decent cut.  Is there any advice on how to get the sand in such way to
be able to cut it with a normal disposable blade? There were a
suggestion that I should try with a tungsten blade, but I could not get
a supplier yet to provide one.  Any suggestions? (PS we can not
remove/wash out the sand, its needed for analysis).

Mandi Alblas
Stellenbosch University

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