RE: [Histonet] Re: Paraformaldehyde use question for geniuses

From:Nicole Collette

Hi, All,

Electron Microscope Sciences also has a granular formulation of PFA 
that is not dusty, cat # 12910 , 1kg, --that is what we use ---for 
those who may need "vast quantities" of 4% PFA as someone recently 
mentioned. We found it by accident, as there are other vendors that 
claim their PFA to be granular and yet it is just as dusty as all the 
others, so I didn't put much stock in their description... but this 
time, they were right.

Nicole Collette
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory/UC Berkeley

At 5:16 PM -0500 4/24/08, Johnson, Teri wrote:
>Gayle, we can get it from VWR 10 vials of 10 ml per each, Vendor #AA43368-9M
>Our EM dept. gets theirs from Electron Microscopy Sciences, 10 vials 
>of 10 ml per each, EM Grade, Vendor #15710
>It's one of the best things I've done for the lab.
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>Dear Teri and Fellow Histonetters,
>Teri's words of wisdom on fixation and storage of samples are well taken.
>Please provide the vendor for the 16% paraformaldehyde in ampules so our
>FACS technician doesn't have to weigh out PFA powder anymore.   She is going
>to be delighted.
>Gayle M. Callis
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