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From:Judy Collins

His His question was not a hygiene question, but a safety compliance issue.

Judy Collins

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   With    respects,    and    hoping    that    nobody    will    take
Why =e you asking a question about hygiene in a histotechnology forum?<=> 
John Kiernan
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Subject: [Histonet] Proper G rossing Attire
To:> I would like to hear everyone's opinions on what t= proper PPE
> is for
> "grossing in" specimens.  Two levels of grossing in are: 1)
>=B dictatingand submit specimen - limited to bisecting a punch bx > describing, cutting,=king selected sections - some judgment and
> advanced t=ining required ie. colons-placentas.
>  <=>> My question is: "Is gloves alone appropriate attire fo=he
> first level?
> What do you wear w hen grossing at the second level?
&=; You may choose to reply off line as to save yourself much
=6gt; "flaming" I
> sure.
>  =B
> Thanks in advance,
> Mike
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