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From:"Emily Lockman"

I currently work in a GLP compliant lab and we throw the original. Since the Pathologist won't see it, it does not need to be kept as "raw data".

When a Path does request a recut, we label it as recut and keep the original.

Hope this helps!

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I am in agreement with Kim.


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It has been a while since I have worked in a GLP lab; but if the slides had not gone to the pathologist yet, the original would have been tossed.  Recuts requested by the pathologist were another story entirely.


Kim Merriam, MA, HT(ASCP)
Cambridge, MA

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Hi everyone,

I have a question for all of the GLP compliant folks out there.  How do you handle recuts that you do prior to giving slides to the pathologist?  For example, you stain on Monday, look at your slides and find you are missing something like the mammary gland.  You recut and stain on do you document that?  Do you keep your original slide and archive it?  

I thank you in advance for any help!


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