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I may have missed this, but may I have the name of the Vendor you
purchase your B-plus from. Thanks.

Susan M Weber HT(ASCP)
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Hi Karen,
 I have been using the same sequence of reagents for several years with 
great success. We routinely fix bone marrow cores for 3 hours in B-plus,

rinse in water, decalcify, rinse again, and put the cassette in with all

the other tissues for processing. B-plus contains formaldehyde anyway, 
so your are not introducing a different reagent when you transfer them 
to formalin during processing.

B-plus gives much better cytological detail than formalin. Nuclear 
detail is crisper, granules are better preserved, hemosiderin is not 
effected. CD-3, CD-20, kappa and lambda, etc. all work beautifully after

B-plus. It also has the advantage of not producing an fixation artefact 
pigment like B-5 does. I think you will be happy with your decision to 

Paul Bradbury
Kamloops, Canada

karen adams wrote:
> Hello all....we are changing bone marrow fixative from formalin to
> If we fix for the required time in B-plu and then process on the VIP
w/ the
> other specimens using formalin are there any effects on the tissue
> from B-plus to formalin??
> Thank you in advance

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