[Histonet] surgipath hematoxylin

From:Denise Crowley

We tried the new Surgipath staining system, and while I was very  
happy with the stains, I found the Define to be ineffective at  
removing all of the background staining.  So, I kept the Hematoxylin  
and Eosin/Phloxine and continued to use old-fashioned 1%HCl in 70% 
ethanol to clarify and Scott's tap water substitute to blue.   
Staining looks great, no need to filter Hematoxylin, and the stains  
are still working when I discard after ~2000 slides.

Denise Crowley
Facility Manager Histology
David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
40 Ames St. E17-427
Cambridge MA  02139

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