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From:"Annabel L. Mazza"

I want to congratulate you all for to create this
wonderful,wonderful forum, I been visiting this site
since 2005 to read yours articles, recommendations,
references, procedures etc, an again I think that is a
wonderful forum.
Is the second, third time or maybe more that I read
topics as a Certifications, Salary, To be eligible 
for HT exam etc and I want to tell my history. I
started off as a histology assistant helping Doctors
in the Gross Room as a teaching Hospital helping
Pathology Residents to do grossing, changing solutions
on the tissue processor's, staining machines, organize
the slides cases on the folders to be diagnose.
Beside that at third year I was trained on the
Autopsies including brains & Spinal Cords, also take
training in Cytology, accessioning cases, processing
like Cytospin and Cell Blocks on Non-Gyn cases. After
six years I got a contract in Miami VA, another
teaching institution under University of Miami with
triple autopsy cases, again to attend Professors and
training Residents on full Autopsies with skills on
brain cuttings working pretty close to the
Neuropathology Attendant. Then I started off the whole
processing with autopsy tissues, fixation, processing,
embedding, cutting(brains includes) H&E stain and
special stains so I became in a regular tech,
embedding, cutting... .In Cytology processing I do
fluids, sputum(Non-Gyn's) & Gyn's in the THIN PREP
machine, also FNA's processing etc. I was pretty lucky
to be in histology labs in such a big Institutions.
During those years I tried twenty four credicts,
biology OK, Chemistry OK, but the Algebra II with
trigonometry make me give up. After three years
contract at VA Hosp. I left the Histology and I'm
doing another thing related with Laboratories but I
gave up to get any License or Degree in Histology I
just have a High School Diploma from my country(Cuba).
Now I'm 42 y/o, divorced with teens and telling you
all the true I like to do histology, autopsies
included, but "Se la Vid".
THANKS for let me to publish my short history as
Juan Pena-Torres
PS. This Article may appear under Annabel Mazza, she's
my fiance, but GO HISTONETERS!!! magnificent site.



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