From:Paul Bradbury

With all due respect to Akemi, the practice of "neutralizing" the 
decalcifying acid by treating the tissue with saturated sodium 
bicarbonate is not a good idea.
In her e-mail she states that "The tissue fizzes a bit ..." no surprise 
there. Trying to retain good morphology in bone biopsy core is difficult 
enough without disrupting the tissues with bubbles of carbon dioxide. A 
bone core is usually only 2-3 mm in diameter, so washing out the 
decalcifying fluid will take only a few minutes. Once the acid has been 
removed, decalcification will stop.
Paul Bradbury
Kamloops, Canada


> Akemi Allison-Tacha wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I am going to put an additional tidbit into the mix. I was instructed many many moons ago, (back in 1974) to 1st rinse off any residual RDO or decal solution with a brief rinse in tap water and then place the decal specimens into saturated sodium bicarbonate for 10 minutes to stop the decal process, otherwise the specimen will continue to decal. The tissue fizzes a bit, when this reaction ceases, then rinse in running tap water for an additional 10 minutes. 
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