[Histonet] Bone Marrows

From:"John Spair"

Up until about a year ago, we used to use B-5 fixative for our bone marrow biopsies and always had wonderful results.  However like everyone else, we had to eliminate anything with mercury in it and began using various zinc chloride solutions from various vendors for both lymph nodes and bone marrows.  Well our docs weren't happy at all and we never found anything that equaled the quality of B-5.  Recently we went back to just plain old 10% NBF, but I hear the pathologist's comments from time to time about how they miss B-5.  I tried to get special permission to use B-5 once again but only open up a can of worms about that topic.  So I wonder, has anyone ever =66ound a suitable replacement that equals the quality of good old mercuric chloride???
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