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From:"Gudrun Lang"

Thank you all for your answers.

Gudrun Lang

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Cell Signaling and Santa Cruz also sells p16 but I have no idea if it works
for IHC.
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I believe you are correct mtmlab has a patent and is supposed to be 
the only people that sell it.
Cell Marque was given permission to sell what they had by a certain
time, I think.

I too only need the antibody and not the whole kit but they
have you buy their whole kit and it is expensive.

Dana Settembre, HT ASCP
Immunohistochemistry Lab
UMDNJ - University Hospital
Newark, NJ    USA

>>> Gudrun Lang  05/01/08 12:48 PM >>>
Hi listmembers,

I am trying to find a vendor for p16ink antibody for cervical cancer
diagnostic. Is it possible, that p16 is only selled by one firm called
mtmlab now?

It looks like they have the patent on the antibody. Or is there any

I need "only" the antibody concentrate and not a whole kit to run it on
Ventana benchmark. I found a p16 on the Ventana website, but cannot
see, if
it is for the same purpose.

Any help is appreciated.


Gudrun Lang

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