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From:"Lee & Peggy Wenk"

Below is from a 2002 Histonet response from Robert Lott about removing
silver from an overstained GMS, that I saved in my "good to know in case I
need it" file. 

- - - -

Below is a treatment that really works, but it is best to go really slow and
check microscopically over and over until the desired result is obtained.

1.  De-coverslip sections and run then back to distilled water.
2.  Place section(s) in coplin jar containing 1 part of 1% potassium
"ferri"cyanide to 3 parts distilled water (0.25% potassium
3.  Monitor continuously with the microscope until excess silver has been
4.  Wash well in distilled water.
5.  Re-counterstain as dersired.

- - - - 

Note from me: Make certain it is potassium ferrIcyanide (red crystals, such
as used in the Schmorl stain), NOT potassium ferrOcyanide (yellow flakes,
used in the Prussian blue iron stain).

Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)SLS
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, MI 48073

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Fontana for melanin was done on a very tiny skin biopsy and was overstained
with silver nitrate. There is no specimen left in the block to recut. Does
anybody have a method to remove the silver so that it can be restained?

Winnipeg Canada

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