Re: [Histonet] Old Leitz Kryomat freezing unit, looking for a manual...

Hi Yvan,
      I found a copy and will send it to you in a pdf format on separate E
mail. If you have further questions, please phone me.
Best regards,

Don Birgerson
Leica Microsystems
Technical Assistance Center
1-800-248-0123  ext 5918

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                                       [Histonet] Old Leitz Kryomat        
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Hi all,

I recently aquired an old Kryomat freezing unit,
(according to the label on it "type 25-062.111") from
Leitz Wetzlar.

The machine has a control panel/thermostatic unit type
TKL-E/ made by Lauda (according to the label in it).

I'm looking for a manual (or a xerox copy of it) for
that machine.

If you would have one and would sell it, I would be
very gratefull!

Thanks in advance!



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