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Eeek!  I had just run to check my Picric Acid.  I added a little water to be
on the safe side, although it was covered by more than 2cm of water.  Then I
opened this email.  I've had this bottle for nearly 6 years (who knows how
long it was here before I inherited it).  We even moved it a couple miles
over to our new building 2.5 years ago!  The especially hired chemical
movers never said a word!  
Glad it didn't explode and make CNN's prime time news!

Jo Dee 

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A friend of mine working at a U.S. government lab was doing just that (had
filled the bottle to the top with water, sealed around the lid with parafilm
and tape to prevent dehydration) and the new safety officer who saw it
called the bomb squad to remove it!

Esther Peters
George Mason University

Markus F. Meyenhofer wrote:

> Don't panic now!!!
> That is why one stores Picric acid as a water saturated mixture! Never 
> heard of an explosion of picric acid in a histo lab!
> Markus
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>> I thought Histonetters might be interested in this news article.
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