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Hah!  Thanks! 

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C is the best answer.
D is plain wrong. Moreover, it is ridiculous.


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I am forwarding this email from a young lady I know that is studying for
her HTL.  I will pass along your responses.  Thanks in advance for

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> The following question is in the Histotechnology BOR Study Guide 
> Practice Questions 2nd Edition published by ASCP:
> For light microscopic evaluation it is generally necessary to use 
> special stains to demonstrate fungi in tissue sections because fungi:
> A. can only be seen using silver impregnation B. are removed in the 
> routine staining process C. stain variably with the H&E procedure D. 
> are never demonstrated with routine procedures
> The consensus here is that C is the best answer, however, the answer 
> key lists D as correct.  Would like to get some feedback on this if 
> possible.  Is the answer key wrong or am I missing something?
> In preparing for the exam, has anyone run across any other answers 
> from this text that appear to be wrong?
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