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From:"Ingles Claire"

I think it depends on what diseases you are wanting to screen for. I have just started running stains for Melanoma. So far I have done HMB-45, S-100, Mart-1, and a Melanoma cocktail (Mart-1 & Tyrosinase).  There are probably others for SCC, BCC, etc. I only run slides on frozen sections since I am in a MOHS lab.
Claire Ingles
UW Hospital
Madison WI


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Subject: [Histonet] Derm IHC

Currently we do not do IHC at our lab.  My manager asked me "If we sign a Dermatology account"  what should we offer the physician in the way of IHC? 
  S-100, HMB-45?  What is the standard these days? 
  Also, what is the best way to process a small volume?  (By hand, auto-stainer ??)
  Any comments and advice would be appreciated,
  Cindy DuBois
  Integrated Pathology

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