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Hi  Dr Breisch,
      What you are asking about was prevalent in the days before the
"disposable" blade as we know it. The old A O microtomes offered a "razor
blade holder" . These holders were seen around the college labs due to the
cost of steel blades and the danger in handling the reusable knives. The
current disposable blades are 3 or 4 times sharper than a razor blade and
all of our rotary microtomes offer a holder designed and machine to fit the
current microtomes.

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Hi Histologists,
 This is a generalised question regarding microtomes and blades. Has
anyone ever heard of a rotary microtome that uses or used double edged
blades (not unlike the razor blades currently being marketed for shaving)
cut paraffin blocks? More specifically have double edged blades ever been
used to cut paraffin blocks. Your help and input is greatly appreciated.


Eric A. Breisch, Ph.D.
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