Re: [Histonet] double blades for rotary paraffin microtome

From:Rene J Buesa

  American Optical Co., in the early 1950s, manufactured a blade holder for the regular 2 edge razor (shaving) blade to be used in the Spencer-AO 860 horizontal microtome.
  The holder was able to have a very good rgip on the blades than although very thin, could be used for routine sectioning without vibrations.
  I have heard of no other type of 2 edges microtome blade, though.
  On a separate e-mail I am sending you a photo of this type of holder for rotary microtomes.
  Hope this will help you!
  René J.

"Breisch, Eric"  wrote:
  Hi Histologists,
This is a generalised question regarding microtomes and blades. Has
anyone ever heard of a rotary microtome that uses or used double edged
blades (not unlike the razor blades currently being marketed for shaving) to
cut paraffin blocks? More specifically have double edged blades ever been
used to cut paraffin blocks. Your help and input is greatly appreciated.


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