Re: [Histonet] Sudan Black for lipids

From:Rene J Buesa

  Sudan Black is used to detect complex/insoluble fats in processed tissues.
  If the fish gonads contain them, they will stain. All depends in the type of fat the gonads contain. 
  With Sudan Black lipofuscin, lipoproteins and any insoluble fat will appear from violet-black to black.
  You can find a good protocol in Sheehan & Hrapchak (1973): 127-8, or in any histotechnology book.
  Hope this will help you!
  René J.

Lina Vieira  wrote:

We have samples of fish gonads imersed in 70% etanol and fixed in Bouin´s fixative, it is possible to get acceptable results for lipids localization with Sudan Black in that samples?
Any protocols, ideas, and/or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Thank in advance,

Lina Vieira
University of Algarve

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