Re: [Histonet] Large vessel endothelium problem

From:Mikael Niku

Hello again. Sorry for a bit unclearly formatted question.

More specifically, I'm doing samples of bovine blood vessels, obtained 
from a slaughterhouse. So perfusion is unfortunately out of question :)
And this is about REALLY big vessels, such as the bovine aorta. So the 
samples are bits (about 1 cm2) of vessel wall cut off and placed in PFA 
for overnight at +4C, then processed for paraffin sections in a routine 

And yes, this is primarily about blood vessels, not lymphatics.


Gayle Callis wrote:
> You did not indicate how you do the paraformaldehyde fixation?  
> Immersion or perfusion?
> Vascular perfusion followed by immersion for a few hours may help your 
> problem - to ensure the tissue is fixed from the inside out and in 
> particular the lumens of your large blood (?) vessels.
> You did not give details on what you do with the vessels (opened, etc, 
> stretched out) during fixation or processing? 


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