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From:"Kathy Cormier"

Hi Sylinda,

We have the i6000 as well. We have had similiar problems. We use it on large 
tissue sections, such as whole mouse colons. We do not use the optimax 
buffer as it was a bit too pricey. We have found that using PBS w/ Tween 20 
as a diluent helps to mitigate the uneven staining. The tween 20 helps to 
"spread" the reagent evenly. We did check to ensure that the machine was 
completely level and that the black removable racks inside the machine were 
correctly "seated" inside the machine. Also ensure that your antigen 
retrival methods are effective, as that can cause uneven staining too.  Hope 
that this helps!

Kathy Cormier
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Subject: [Histonet] Immuno Stainers

> Hello Histoland,
> Can any of you give me any personal experience with the Biogenix 6000
> immunostainer.  We have this instrument and certain places the slides are 
> placed we
> are getting uneven staining.  Have tried pap pen, barrier slides,  and
> nothing seems to be working.  Anyone with knowledge of this instrument 
> would you
> please email me personally.  Thanks in advance!!
> Sylinda Battle, HT (ASCP)
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