Re: [Histonet] CD3 antibody for FFPE rabbit tissue

From:Gayle Callis

Can this antibody be purchased biotinylated?  If so, then you can work with 
it in the same way as mouse on mouse kits with rabbit serum instead of 
mouse serum added, not so much fun.  However, there was a publication in 
Lab Vision, a now defunct journal and this method is also in  Gu's 
Analytical Morphology book, from Biotechniques for doing rabbit on rabbit IHC.

The Xenon technology sounds much easier and readily available.

At 12:47 AM 4/28/2006, you wrote:

>    Dear Narinder,
>    It's a wild guess and haven't tried it, but perhaps worthwhile to test
>    (....and better than nothing):
>    The  LabVision  CD3 rabbit monoclonal antibody (clone SP7) reacts very
>    well with  a  lot  of  different species (human, rat, mouse), so to my
>    opinion there  is  a  good  chance  it reacts with rabbit CD3 as well.
>    Just test  it  on  some  lymphoid rabbit tissue and look through heavy
>    background staining (we have a rabbit-on-rabbit situation here and you
>    will observe  a lot of plasmacells and staining near vessels!) whether
>    or  not  T-cells are  positive. If this is the case you need the Zenon
>    (Molecular    Probes/Invitrogen) rabbit-on-rabbit   kit   for   proper
>    visualization. Please let us know if this approach works for you.
>    Good luck!
>    Chris van der Loos, PhD
>    Dept. of Pathology
>    Academic Medical Center M2-230
>    Meibergdreef 9
>    NL-1105 AZ Amsterdam
>    The Netherlands
>    Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 12:02:53 -0700
>    From:
>    Subject: [Histonet] CD3 antibody for  FFPE rabbit tissue
>    To: histonetlistsutsouthwesternedu 
>    Hi All,
>    I am looking for a CD3 antibody to use on FFPE rabbit tissue.  Most
>    antibodies I have looked into are tested in human.
>    Thanks
>    Narinder Dhatt
>    Preclinical - Histology
>    QLT Inc.
>    Vancouver, BC
>    Canada
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