Re: AW: [Histonet] Giving Specimens to Patients

From:Bill Blank

This sort of thing bothers me, because it is becoming the rule in the 
US as regulators and lawyers take away the ability to exercise 
professional judgement.

IMO, given there are no public health concerns, I do not think this 
is the business of any government. And it is the Pathologist who 
should decide if there are public health concerns (like a tubercular 
lung, eg) in each specific case, not lawyers or bureaucrats as they 
lack the appropriate expertise. If someone wants to bury abortus 
tissue or limbs, that is their business. As a physician and a 
humanitarian, I would help make it safe and as visually appealing as 
possible for them.


At 9:48 AM +0200 4/22/06, Gudrun Lang wrote:
>  Recently we had the case, that a woman wanted to get her abortion-tissue.
>You know what that looks like in a glass of formalin. It was not allowed and
>I think it was the right decision.
>In Germany there was the case, that a woman wanted to bury the hard of her
>husband in his grave. It was a long fight at court. At last she got right
>and her soul got peace.

May the Gods protect me from all the humans who want to protect me.

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