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Can you just pour some out of the container into a 250ml graduated cylinder and then use the hydrometer? How big is your hydrometer (I may be missing something here). What do you mean the containers aren't deep enough?


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ok I have tried to find this out on my own with no luck.... and I DO feel 
stupid in asking, but here goes. 
I need to measure my alcohol% on my tissue processor ( Sakura VIP 5) we are 
concerned that there is some  X contamination. So my pathologist want me to 
test them daily. So I ordered a alcohol hydrometer 0-100 by fisher.  The 
problem is this, if I try to measure the solutions inside the container they 
aren't deep enough... and either is a 2 qt or 4000ml container. Is there a 
smaller one, does anyone else have one they use. Sorry the one I order is 
catalog number 11590. 
Please any help is welcome... don't try to figure out the  X contamination 
thing. I know I just am one of those unlucky ones who got a lemon, I just 
have to prove it. 
Have a great Tuesday, 
Diane Santana 
Haverhill, Mass. 

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