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From:"Jes Strong"

Dear Histonetters,

>From the early days of the Histonet, there has always been a policy (It
seems to me that used to be enforced) that the Histonet was to be used for
the exchange of ideas and peer to peer support, NOT commercial promotion.
Having been a vendor to the Histology community for many years, I have
always respected that principle and have only contacted members directly and
discreetly when appropriate.

Unfortunately these days there are a number of vendors, whose names do not
need to be mentioned as you all know who they are, who feel that the
Histonet is their personal, free, platform for self promotion. In a free
market, the best form of censure and control is through the withholding of
support from those who abuse the system.

I would hope that those of you who feel the same way about this wonderful
forum will not support the vendors who promote their products or services
through the Histonet, regardless of the company or product; and help to put
an end to commercialization of the Histonet.

Jes Strong

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thanks for the contact info for the Coleman company; customer service is

Cheryl  wrote:  Hi All~

Seems like the Coleman Manufacturing folks have several products we need.
They make microwave transparent plastics in standard forms and custom
designs (racks, vessels, etc), and are just getting into the AP Clinical and
Research markets (us!). They have been in industrial applications so they
aren't a new company, just new to lab.

I talked with Jay & Jeremy Coleman a couple of times--they can make almost
anything and their prices are--from what he quoted--reasonable (less costly
than similar products from Miles and Sakura, and include a warranty.) He
said they can provide documentation that their products are 'transparent' to
cover the new CAP ANP regulation. They don't know AP/Med lab very well but
have been responsive and willing to learn to be able to service our needs.

Jeremy & Jay -- Coleman Manufacturing 
Phone 803.633.2124
Fax 803.635.9401
web site under construction--info to follow.

They've worked with several labs to test their products with good results. 

No, I'm not getting a kickback--just doing my best to help as others have
helped me :)

Cheryl Kerry, HT(ASCP) 
Full Staff Inc. 
Staffing the AP Lab by helping one Tech at a time. 
281.883.7704 c 
281.852.9457 o 

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