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I'm glad you have a disclaimer, since I was a bit offended by your
remark. Even though Gudrun probably meant "heart" and not "hard", I
would imagine you have enough common sense to make out what she meant.
At least she communicates, should I say quite well, in English. Since I
am Swiss, I can relate a bit, and the difficulty in English is, that a
lot of words are pronounced the same, but spelled differently. I've seen
a whole lot worse as far as spelling goes on the histonet, and some
people were from the USA. Why don't you just give her a break? And would
you do as well in German?

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First, the necessary disclaimers: "I do NOT mean to offend; nor do I
wish to have my comments misinterpreted in any way, shape, or form; I
understand that the English language is difficult to
interpret/translate/etc.; this struck me as funny on a Monday; and I
just can't help myself..."

I just HAVE to ask about the message relating to the woman in Germany
who wanted to bury something of her husband's with his remains...please
- could it be "head", "heart" or is it "hard"???  I'm chuckling...please
join me!

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