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Look up the EPA and OSHA regulations for handling and disposal of "potentially infective medical waste". 

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Both in the UK and NZ you now have legalities in place for patients to
request the return of ANY tissues after a visit to the hospital. I was
majorly involved in this process in the UK for 3 years after a hospital kept
a lot of specimens from children without permission. Due to this consent
forms have now changed and the option for return is included, right down to
blocks, slides and even trimmings from cutting the blocks if so desired.

As Darren says it very similar here in NZ now as well as we have to fit in
with the wishes of such a culturally diverse country.

One thing though, specimens are never returned in formalin. Always well
washed and air dried if the specimen allows for that. Obviously never get
rid of all traces of formalin so in the UK we were giving out strict
guidlines on what should or should not be done with a specimen and also
included the Hazard sheet.

Going to far? Probably

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