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The POC issue is a very tricky and emotional issue.  We had a law passed here in Illinois a few years ago to protect the Mother's rights concerning Products of Conception.  Every woman that miscarriages in Illinois, regardless of gestational age, has the right to have a funeral home pick up the tissue for burial.  The law came about after a nurse lost her baby at gestational age less than 20 weeks and she immediately asked that the abortus be saved for burial.  When the funeral home came for the tissue it was discovered that it had been thrown out with the other tissue waste in pathology.

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 Recently we had the case, that a woman wanted to get her abortion-tissue.
You know what that looks like in a glass of formalin. It was not allowed and
I think it was the right decision.

In Germany there was the case, that a woman wanted to bury the hard of her
husband in his grave. It was a long fight at court. At last she got right
and her soul got peace.

Gudrun Lang

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Sorry, Bill - I think that once he signed all the papers before surgery, he
gives the hospital permission to 'dispose of' tissues removed in surgery.  I
think that makes his rib the hospital's property.  We once had a guy ask for
his toe bones back after he lost part of his foot in a motorcycle accident.
He wanted to make a necklace.  The pathologist said 'no'.  End of story,
unless we get into all the patients whose husbands ask for the placenta
after childbirth. 
Jackie O'

Bill Blank 
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Re: [Histonet] Giving Specimens to Patients

Regardless of silly laws. It is HIS rib. I give it to them, but usually
replace the formalin with ETOH.


At 12:28 PM -0500 4/21/06, Smith Wanda wrote:
>We have aways given gallstones and foreign bodies to patients if they 
>request them, however, I have a patient that wants his rib back
>that was removed in surgery.    It just looks like a rib fracture, 
>no atypia.  Our Pathologist don't recommend this, but it is a call from 
>the hospital legal department and I can't get in touch with them today. =20
>What is the practice everyone uses for giving/not giving patient's 
>their specimens in formalin?

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