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I agree.  Give the patient his rib.  The only thing I would insist on is
keeping it two weeks after sign-out to fulfill CAP requirements and do
replace the formalin with ETOH.  The only things we won't return
directly to the patient here are amputated limbs.  These must be
released to a funeral home.

Charles Embrey PA(ASCP)    

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Regardless of silly laws. It is HIS rib. I give it to them, but 
usually replace the formalin with ETOH.


At 12:28 PM -0500 4/21/06, Smith Wanda wrote:
>We have aways given gallstones and foreign bodies to patients if 
>they request them, however, I have a patient that wants his rib back 
>that was removed in surgery.    It just looks like a rib fracture, 
>no atypia.  Our Pathologist don't recommend this, but it is a call 
>from the hospital legal department and I can't get in touch with 
>them today.  What is the practice everyone uses for giving/not 
>giving patient's their specimens in formalin?

Bill Blank (Celtic studies and numismatics)
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