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From:Kemlo Rogerson

Agreed. It is a comment set to humble someone trying to learn and serves
only for them to not speak again lest they offend; it is a form of bullying
I guess.

If I had a dollar for every question I asked that everyone else knew the
answer to then I'd be rich; but then those who knew the answer must have
asked the question at sometime, mustn't they?

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"I don't know what school you went to but I would want my money back."

Comments like this may tend to keep people from asking questions. This is a
resource for even the simplest questions. I consider this forum a learning
tool and when people can not ask these questions because they are made to
feel foolish by others then something is wrong.
There are no stupid questions.....
If you can't say anything nice.....

Douglas Deltour HT(ASCP) 

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I don't know what school you went to but I would want my money back.
The last thing you want is to put unfixed, fragile cells into acid and
allow them to rot while the bone decals. What would be left to fix

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Subject: [Histonet] Bone decalcification

  I just wanted to know other histo techs opinions on bone
I learned in school that you decal the bone than you fix it. I have a
pathologist who claims she learned it the hard way, and that it is
better to
fix the bone than decal it. What did you learn on how to do this
This pathologist claims that fixing prior to decaling keeps the cells
intact. Any opinion on your procedure or your technique is appreciated.


Heather A. Harper          

Naval Hospital 

Pensacola, FL

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