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From:"Deltour, Douglas D. (HM2)"


Fixation is the key to a good section of bone. Surgipath makes a two step
decal system. Decalcifier 1 is a combined fixative and decalcifying agent.
Decalcifier 2 is rapid decalcification. We use this system and have had no
problems. I can give you the catalog # if you need it. Good luck. 

Douglas Deltour HT(ASCP)

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Subject: [Histonet] Bone decalcification

  I just wanted to know other histo techs opinions on bone decalcification.
I learned in school that you decal the bone than you fix it. I have a
pathologist who claims she learned it the hard way, and that it is better to
fix the bone than decal it. What did you learn on how to do this procedure?
This pathologist claims that fixing prior to decaling keeps the cells more
intact. Any opinion on your procedure or your technique is appreciated.


Heather A. Harper          

Naval Hospital 

Pensacola, FL

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