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From:"gayle brosnanwatters"

Hi, folks,

            I'm back after a long absence, and at a new address.
Because I am only a psychologist, I have no idea where to send my
student who really wants to spend  her life in a research laboratory
doing histology!  She is currently graduating from Slippery Rock
University with a degree in psychology, but I have sent her to the
chemistry department and she has taken chemistry and is now taking  two
organic chemistry classes as a post bac  in order to get herself
somewhat more ready to do what she has discovered she loves to do. She
has spent the last four years here with me doing work with mice, and is
currently sectioning mouse brains on my ancient ultramicrotome and using
a simple Richardson stain.  She loves working at the scope counting
injured cells!

            So, where can she go for additional training?  Is this
something she needs a masters to do, or are there training programs
available that will teach her immuno and fluorescent and all those other
things that I've heard of but have no idea how to do? She's a fantastic
young woman who washed mouse cages for me for over a year when we had no
cage washer, and is very dedicated and willing to do the "grunt work"
that others disdain.  Any suggestions?



Gayle L. Brosnan-Watters, PhD

Assistant Professor

Dept of Psychology

Treasurer, Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience

226 Vincent Science Hall

Slippery Rock University

Slippery Rock, PA 16057


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