[Histonet] lendrums' phloxine/tartrazine

From:"Till, Renee"

Does anyone have experience with this stain? I have been trying it for a
few weeks now on mouse jejunum. Tissues from some of my animals have
wonderfully stained Paneth cells, while on others the Paneth cells are
the first to be de-stained by the tartrazine. And these are all mouse
jejunum from mice of the same age. Some do have a gene knockout, but I
have not noticed the problem being only in the knockouts or only in the
wild type, I am having problems with some from both. Any ideas? I have
tried adjusting the time of the phloxine solution, but so far this
hasn't helped any. Neither has making fresh (how long are these stains
good for anyway?). Maybe there was more autolysis before fixation? I
don't know. The times with the tartrazine solution have varied great on
all the ones that have stained well. Anywhere from 5 minutes to over an



Renee' Till, HT


Arkansas Childrens Nutrition Center

1120 Marshall

Little Rock, AR 





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