[Histonet] TUNEL staining

From:"Kalleberg, Kristopher"

I am currently performing TUNEL on human skin post UV irradiation and
have had inconclusive results.  I was using the Promega TUNEL assay kit
and also tried a formamide induced TUNEL assay with differing results.
I also have read in the literature that the kit and most TUNEL assays
are nonspecific (necrotic cells also show positive staining).  The
formamide induced protocol that I have only tried twice has shown no
positive staining yet.  I was just wondering which protocol you use for
TUNEL and how certain are you that it is specific for apoptotic cells?
Maybe we can help each other.
Kris Kalleberg
Research Associate
Unilever R&D
40 Merritt Blvd.
Trumbull, CT 06457
203 381 5765  
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