[Histonet] Impending CPA inspection


Hi Histonetters,

One primarily for the UK lot, but comments from all are welcome. We are 
about to have a CPA inspection, and a preliminary inspection by a 
haematologist has raised two queries.

1. We keep our solvents in a proper cabinet, but small quantities of various 
grades and flammable reagents are in bottles on the special stains shelf. It 
has been suggested that all flammable liquids should be kept in the cabinet. 
This seems like overkill to me, I have worked in other labs that passed CPA 
inspection when there were similar amounts out on shelves. Do any of you 
know if there are any guidelines on what is permissible?

2. We're a low volume lab, so we keep our specimen pots in a metal cabinet, 
much like a flammable cabinet, prior to them being disposed of. It has been 
suggested that we should use a special formalin specimen storage cabinet, 
which has ventilation. The formalin vapour level readings are very low, well 
below guideline levels. Is there any info about what sort of storage 
arrangements CPA consider acceptable?

Any advice gratefully received,


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