[Histonet] Histology Managers, Supervisors, and Bench Techs needed-Hiring now

From:"Eric Dye"

I'm presently on a search for my best client companies seeking HistoTech Supervisors and Histo Bench Techs. These are mostly fulltime permanent positions. Most of my Histo Techs positions are clinical, although I do have a few Temporary and Research Histo Tech positions as well. Most Histo jobs are dayshift (Except where indicated below)

Here are some of my Hottest Histology Jobs:

1. Ohio (Southwestern Ohio)  (Full-time, Perm, Histo Manager)

2. Northern New Jersey (Full-time, Perm and Temp (2 openings), Bench Histo Tech, 1st shift)

3. Rhode Island - Providence (Full-time, Perm, Bench Histo Tech, 2nd Shift)

4. Northern New Jersey (Full-time, Perm, Bench Histo Tech)

5. Ohio (Southwestern Ohio) (Full-time, Perm and Temp (2 openings), Bench Histo Tech, 1st shift)

6. New York (Long Island)  (Full-time, Perm, SUPERVISOR Histo Tech)

7. Virginia(South - Coastal) (Full-time, Perm, Bench Histo Tech)

8. Virginia - Metro DC (Full-time, Perm, Lead Histo Tech) 

9. South Florida (Full-time, Perm, Supervisor Histo Tech)

10. South Florida (Full-time, Perm, Bench Histo Tech)

11. Mass (Boston) (Part-time, Perm, Bench Histo Tech)

12. West Virginia (Full-time, Perm, Bench Histo Tech)

13. Texas (Austin area) (Full-time, Perm, Supervisor and Bench Histo Tech)

14. Georgia (Atlanta area) (Full-time, Perm, Bench Histotech)

15. New Hampshire (Mohs and Routine Bench Histotech,Perm and Temp)

16. Florida. (South East Coast, Perm, Bench Histotech)

17. Florida. (Central East Coast, Temp, Bench Histo Tech)

18. Columbus (Central) (Temp, Bench Histotech)

The clients are currently interviewing Histology candidates - so if you are interested, please call me today at 1-800-466-9919 ext 223

Thank you,
Eric Dye-Sr Allied Healthcare Recruiter
1-800-466-9919 ext 223

Ategra Systems Inc
Specialists in Permanent & Contract Staffing
800 466 9919 ext 223 - voice
407 671 6075 - fax
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