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From:Kemlo Rogerson

We run a one-step FNAC breast clinic and have been using Diff-Quick as our
stain; I personally don't like it as I prefer Paps but there you are. We had
a recent FNAC that showed histiocytes in the tail of the prep but little
else. As you know the bubbly cells tend to migrate to the edges as they are
lighter but what we initially failed to notice was that in amongst the blood
were poorly stained clumps of cells. After restain with a 'proper'
Romanovsky stain they magically appeared and were benign. I shudder to think
what would have happened if they had not been spotted and had been
malignant. The problem I guess was the blood and together with the slow
drying of the smear.

Diff-Quick is fast but can have this effect, does anyone have a technique
that is nearly as fast as Diff Quick but more robust in these cases?

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