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From:"Stephen Peters M.D."

Hi Susan,
  I posted this eply to a similar question a year ago. My feelings still hold.
  We have had 4 Leica 1850s at HUMC in a very busy surg path practice for about 
  10 years. I originally chose this cryostat, because it was the most comfortable
   and easy for me to cut using brush technique. My hands were not twisted in a 
  painful knot. I felt the stage was the most accessable for retrieving. I also found 
  the controls very easy and in no time I could function at my usual pace. It seemed 
  to have a very solid microtome and was considerably more spacious than our
   old tissue teks. I compared the Leica to the other brands at this clinical level
   and found this to be my choice for all of the above reasons. I am very happy with the choice I made. They have been reliable work horses and have required very little more than routine maintenence. I have been quite satisfied with the quality of the 
  preparations I am capable of making and I find the work space accomodating. You have 360 degree chuck rotation and a single knob for X-Y axis adjustment. I have kept up with most of the new designs of the other brands. I would still buy another 1850 tomorrow. Trust me none of them are perfect, or even close, but of what is
   out there  this is my choice. I must mention that I do have a relationship with 
  Leica  for a about two years. They have been helping me promote an embedding system that I developed while practicing in these cryostats. I thought about whether to 
  write this at all, but everything I have to say came long before. I have had 
  great success in a very busy practice with these cryostats I am happy to recommend them.

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